ECVET Skills Platform Info-Days Was Held with the Participation of Sector Representatives and VET Representatives

ECVET Skills Platform Project (2019-1-TR01- KA202-077191), supported by the European Commission through Turkish National Agency under Erasmus+ Programme Vocational Education and Training Field, is implemented under the coordination of Governorship of Istanbul with 10 partner organizations from 6 different countries between 01.09.2019 and 31.12.2021. Istanbul Commerce of Industry (Turkey), Istanbul Technical University (Turkey), Yakacık Vocational and

Technical Anatolian Highschool (Turkey), EUROMASC (Norway), KIST (Austria), AKETH (Greece), INFODEF (Spain), BSW (Germany) and SBG Dresden (Germany) and are the partner organizations of ECVET Skills Platform Project.


The main aim of the project is to contribute to the provision of high-quality vocational education and training through the promotion of skills match between the expectations of the labour market and vocational education curricula. For this purpose, ECVET Skills Value Platform has been developed. Through this platform sector representatives will value the 42 skills and units of learning outcomes defined for CNC Machine Operators within project. VET representatives will reach the Survey Results and all project outputs: the Skills Map, curriculum, training contents, content rich material and recommendation paper through this platform.


With the aim of introducing the platform and the survey tool on the platform and to start the voting process in Turkey, four info days were organized by Turkish partners of the project: Governorship of Istanbul, Istanbul Chamber of Industry, Istanbul Technical University and Yakacık Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School. During these info days held on the 21st, 22nd 24th and 25th June and participated by the sector representatives, VET representatives, VET teachers/trainers, NGOs active in CNC sector academicians and the university students studying Engineering, the project achievements were shared and the participants were invited to register the platform.


In the next phase of the project, Once survey results obtained completed in each partner country, a Training Curriculum for EQF Level 4 consisting of 10 modules and Training Contents will be developed and will be available on project website and the platform in all partner languages.

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