ECVET Skills Platform Project Conference was Held in Istanbul

ECVET Skills Platform Project Conference was held in Istanbul on 21.06.2022 with the participation of vocational education teachers, academicians, CNC machinery sector representatives and various non-governmental organizations.

At the promotion and dissemination conference of the project, which will end as of July, the completed project idea outputs, the use of the ECVET Learning Platform and the ECVET Skills Assessment Platform were introduced to the participants. The expectations of the CNC industry from the VET education community were also included in the conference, where the ECVET crediting and certification processes of the learners who successfully completed the training contents on the Learning Platform were explained. ECVET Learning and Skills Assessment Platforms will continue to serve users for 5 years.

The main objective of the ECVET Skills Platform Project (2019-1-TR01-KA202-077191) is to develop a platform that will enable interactive communication between the business world and vocational education institutions. The purpose of the platform is to define the technical, social and conceptual skills that will support the employment of CNC machine operators and to prepare the training content for these skills. The project, implemented within the scope of Erasmus+ Program Strategic Partnerships in the Field of Vocational Education, is supported by the European Commission through the Turkish National Agency. The ECVET Skills Platform Project is implemented by the European Union and Foreign Relations Office of the Istanbul Governorship, which is the coordinating institution.



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