ECVET Skills Platform Project Local Project Management Meeting Was Held Online

ECVET Skills Platform Project (ESV) (2019-1-TR01- KA202- 077191) , implemented under the coordination of European Union and Foreign Relations Office on behalf of the Governorship of Istanbul, is supported by the European Commission through Turkish National Agency under Erasmus+ Programme Vocational Education and Training Field. The project is going to be implemented between 01.09.2019-31.12.2021. The participating organisations of ESV Project includes Istanbul Commerce of Industry (ISO), Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Yakacık Vocational and Technical Anatolian Highschool (YMTAL), EUROMASC (Norway), WIAB (Austria), AKETH (Greece), INFODEF (Spain), and SBG Dresden (Germany).

The project aims to develop an interactive platform where labour market and VET schools/ institutions can interact, to identify technical, social and conceptual skills supporting the employability of CNC Machine Operators through this platform, and to develop ECVET training curriculum and training contents in line with these identified skills.

According to the measures and new regulations due to Covid-19, The local project management was held online with the participation of all local partners hosted by Governorship of Istanbul on 20th May 2020. During this meeting, the draft version of Skills Map, the first intellectual output of the project, was looked through and feedback was collected from the local partner organisations. Preparation of dissemination and progress reports to be presented were also mentioned.

The next Transnational Project Management Meeting will be held online with the participation of all partner organisations hosted by Governorship of Istanbul on 4th June 2020.